Vodka Pokrovskaya

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The central street in Tiraspol was named Pokrovskaya after the Church of Intercession of Our Lady (known as Pokrov in Russian Orthodoxy), built in 1798 and later demolished by the communist regime in 1931.
The feast of Pokrov is still marked as a patron saint’s day in Tiraspol. In 1921 “Pokrovskaya Street” was renamed to “25th October Street”.

It is made according to classical production process from top-quality triple distilled grain alcohol of the grade “Lux” and spring water which undergoes 5-step purification process. It features smooth taste and clear aroma. Filtration through filters based on coconut charcoal impregnated with platinum ions and oatmeal infusion in “Pokrovskaya” composition give the unique taste, fine aroma and crystalline brightness to this product.

Alcohol: 40%
Volume: 0.5 L / 0.7 L